PI Protection

Why PI Protection?

We are professional indemnity specialists dedicated to giving you the best possible insurance solutions and advice.

Protect Your Business Against Claims


What PI Insurance Covers

Legal Costs

Settlements, compensation and court costs associated with claims which are covered by the policy.

Civil Liabilities

Covers you against claims of breach of duty, defamation (libel and slander), loss of or damage to or restoration of documents, infringement of intellectual property and more.

PR Costs

Covers the costs of a public relations consultant to help mitigate reputation damage following a claim against your business.

Investigation Costs

Covers the costs of investigating, defending and settling claims made against you.

Bodily Injury & Property Damage

In some cases, your policy can be extended to provide cover for an error or omission which results in a Third-Party suffering injury or damage to property due to a breach in professional services.

Fraud & Dishonesty 

Cover for loss sustained as a consequence of theft or dishonesty by your employees. Protection is provided based on the proviso that you have not condoned or committed the dishonest, fraudulent or criminal act that saw the loss occur.

Save On Premiums

We take the time to help you determine what factors could save you on professional indemnity insurance premiums based on the professional services you provide to customers.


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